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Hey there, I'm Mike!


First and foremost, I'm a husband to my amazing wife Sara and father to two daughters, Kendall & Morgan.  Without their love and support, I would not be able to do what I am doing today.

I am the son of a former career medical sales professional, so it could be said, the apple didn't fall from the tree. Or, as a lifelong athlete and competitor, you can say I was drawn to sales like a moth to a flame. Whatever the case, sales have been in my blood for as long as I can remember. I have been exploring entrepreneurial ventures since 1999, while I was still in college, getting into my first MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) role. While selling long distance phone plans and satellite dish tv subscriptions didn't build an empire, it exposed me to a much larger world of business out there and allowed me to dream big!


Since then, I have continued to explore my entrepreneurial spirit, pushing myself to do what no one else has been able to do in any challenge tackle. This mindset has aided me in setting sales records and taking opportunities to new heights in the process. During my career, I have discovered a love for building businesses processes that scale and how building consistent & replicable sales frameworks are the magic behind any success. Systems and processes are my jam!!!

Over the past 20+ years, I have been blessed to have had some of the greatest teachers and mentors guide me and teach me a lot of what I know today. I haven't gone on this journey alone and I recommend others don't as well. The advantage of having someone on your side, guide you, who has been there before is immeasurable. 

This passion for sales and strive for excellence has provided a fantastic life for me and I wish this for anyone and everyone that takes on the challenge of outside sales. Let me guide you on your journey to the life that is waiting out there for you!


Surviving Outside Sales Founder & Podcast host

Sales Advisor, Speaker, Sales Coach

40X award winning sales professional

8X business turnaround specialist

3 Areas of Expertise 

Build & Scale  |  Personal Motivation  |  Professional Development 

The Origin Story
How Mike's "Builder Blueprint" was born:
From worst to first (2x)

Mike's passion for competition and winning started at an early age but manifested itself thru baseball in High school. 

Let' go back to 1994...

Mike played 4 years of Varsity baseball at St. Christpoher's, who was at the bottom of the Prep League before his freshman year. His hard work and dedication led his team to the top of the Prep League by his senior year, earning Mike All-Prep, All-State & All-Metro honors.

History repeated itself 4 years later when Mike accepted a Division I scholarship to play at William & Mary. His freshman year, the team was last in the CAA, but after 4 years Mike led the Tribe to the school's FIRST CAA conference championship as a captain, winning the team MVP award, earning the tournament MVP award, and settings four W&M season and career team records.  

This success afforded Mike the opportunity to get signed by the Atlanta Braves organization and spent two seasons in professional minor league baseball before hanging up the spikes at 24. 

During Mike's 10+ year elite level run of baseball spanning his freshman year of High School to the end of his professional career, he noticed a similar pattern. Losing teams had a limiting mindset, and Mike naturally had a growth mindset. Instead of focusing on what they didn't have, the key was focusing on what the team could control. Mike would talk about winning, proper daily habits, power of consistency, never taking a practice off, never shorting one rep. Over time, the talk about losing stopped and the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. Other players talked about winning, talked about improving their skills, no more goofing off at practice and at the end of each of his 4 year runs at his schools, (St. Chris & W&M), the teams began to embody the mental toughness of a true champion.

What did his experience at St. Christopher's & William & Mary teach Mike that can be applicable anywhere?

1. Turning around a culture takes time, but it 100% can be done.

2. Talent only goes so far, the proper mindset is the key to unlocking one's full potential.

3. Small schools & organizations suffer from limiting mindsets from time to time and need influence to help them believe.

4. Consistency is the key to creating change, without change, you will slip back to your previous levels.

5. A "winning blueprint" can be replicated even in higher levels of competition (High School vs College).

6. Process of practice and the practice of process will help refine abilities daily.

7. The second time turning around a baseball program was much easier than the first, the framework was already built.

8. Individual trophies and awards are great, but the lasting legacy of being a champion will endure forever.

9. Success is contagious, and people who experience it for the first time get hooked and want more.

10. Expectation levels rise with each level of success and push future generations to a higher standard.

Mike O'Kelly W&M Baseball 2001
W&M championship - Mike O'Kelly
W&M action
Danville posed
Mike O'Kelly - Danville Braves 3B
Mike O'Kelly - Danville Braves baseball card 2001

How Mike's "Sales Builder Blueprint" scaled from turning around the cultures of his baseball teams

Mike understands what it takes to run a thriving business and how to grow to record levels.


During his career, Mike has earned 40+ sales and management awards, and 8x business turnarounds, including setting sales records in medical, pharmaceutical, retail, car rental and the service industry sales.

As a manager, not only did his businesses perform, he helped many employees move into management positions.

This has led Mike to be a 40X award winner, 8X turnaround expert, 4X sales founder, build and grow an outside sales podcast (Surviving Outside Sales), speak to sales organizations, run sales bootcamps for teams and is looking to influence as many outside sales professionals as possible. 

Mike has done it before and can help you do it as well.


Reach out today for a free chat about building your limitless business.

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